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All Classes

All Classes

We are committed to ongoing discipleship in the life of our church. These notes were from courses taught during Sunday School, Sunday Night Discipleship or other events at Faith. We encourage you to explore our expanding catelog of classes and seminars to grow your faith.

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Theology for Life

  • Our beliefs are central to what it means to be a Christian. They are part of how we know God and live faithfully. This course will explore the various topics of theology and how they should shape our lives.

How to Interpret the Bible

  • This 8-week adult, Sunday studies class is designed to give us tools for understanding what the Bible is and how it should be interpreted. This is a great class for everyone, from a beginner in the faith to seasoned Christian.

Christ-Centered Worship

  • Why do we worship the way that we do? Does the Bible give us guideance about how to worship? This four-part series will consider the liturgy, style, and purpose of worship.

Missionary Encounters with Other Faiths