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Bible Interpretation

Bible Interpretation

How to interpret the Bible: Tools for Understanding and Applying Scripture.

Does the Old Testament apply to us today? How do you make sense of the prophets? Where did the Bible come from? These are important topics that radically shape the way we know and serve God. This 8-week adult, Sunday studies class is designed to give us tools for understanding what the Bible is and how it should be interpreted. This is a great class for everyone, from a beginner in the faith to seasoned Christian.

Lesson 1: The Crisis of Meaning

  • Can we find meaning in the Bible when there are so many interpretations? What role does the Holy Spirit play in interpretation? What role does tradition play?

Lesson 2: Reading the Bible in Light of Covenants

  • Understanding God's covenants is essential for reading through the different periods represented in the Bible. This study helps clarify the apparent differences between OT and NT. Topics include Holy War, Law vs. Grace, and Israel's relationship to the Church.

Lesson 3: Seeking the Author's Point

  • This approach to reading the Bible seeks to use literary tools to understand the point of a biblical passage.

Lesson 4: Christ-Centered OT Interpretation: Narratives, Poetry, and Wisdom

  • Exploring the different genres of scripture, this class considers historical narratives, as well as books like Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Lamentations.

Lesson 5: Old Testament Prophets

  • What role did the prophets of the OT play? How do we understand those books in their context and related to Christ and the NT?

Lesson 6: The Gospels

  • A study of the history and literature of the Four Gospels. How do they fit together, and how do we listen for the distinct message of each? 

Lesson 7: Interpreting Paul and Other NT Letters

  • Paul is brilliant and challenging. His letters and those of other NT authors were to particular churches, yet have relevance to us today.

Lesson 8: Interpreting and Applying Revelation

  • The Book of Revelation is vivid and powerful, yet often believed impossible to understand. This class provides some simple and basic guides for gaining a clearer reading.