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God's Good Gift of Gender and Sexuality


What is God’s purpose for biblical sexuality? Is this good news for everyone? This six-week adult Sunday school series will navigate the many topics related to gender and sexuality. These issues have divided the church and culture, producing more heat than light. We need both moral and gospel clarity.

Lesson 1: Foundations from Bible and Culture

How did we get here? This lesson looks at the cultural foundations and the current disillusionment with sex. We also explore the Christian sexual revolution. Finally, we lay the groundwork for understanding God's design for gender and sexuality.

Lesson 1 Handout

Lesson 1 Video


Lesson 2: Gender Roles in Family and Church

What does scripture teach regarding the rolls of gender in the family and church? We look at the purpose behind complementary gender roles, examine the concept of authority, and explore the many callings of women in ministry.

Lesson 2 Handout

Lesson 2 Video

Lesson 3: Gender Roles in the Church (cont.)

We look at the purpose behind complementary gender roles in church, the role of deacon assistants, and other ministries. We also begin discussing the harm of sexual sin.

Lesson 3 Handout

Lesson 3 Video