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Christ-Centered Worship Class

Why do we worship the way that we do? Does the Bible give us guideance about how to worship? This four-part series will consider the liturgy, style, and purpose of worship.


Lesson 1: Sacramental Worship

  • Through all of redemptive history, God was present with his people in worship. Today, Christ is not absent in our worship, but meets us as we gather. What difference should this make when we worship?

Lesson 2: Guidelines for Worship

  • Scripture is our guide to worshipping God. It is important to discern what are the essential elements of worship and the mere forms of practice. Confusing forms and elements can make worship confusing, in not legalistic. 

Lesson 3: Sacraments

  • Why did God give sacraments? How do they function in the life of the church? Why do we practice weekly communion?

Lesson 4: Gospel-Centered Liturgy

  • Our worship is patterned after worship found in scripture. It not only contains the message of the gospel, it walks us through the movements of salvation.