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A Reorienting Vision for the New Year

January 1, 2023 Speaker: Cord Carlin Series: Stand Alone Sermon

Passage: Revelation 7:4-17

Takeaway: Each year the calendar changes, people begin assessing their lives. They think about what was good about the previous year, as well as things that weren't so good. After we identify some things that would make our lives better, we decide to pursue them. Most of the time, they never work out the way we intend, or they leave us looking for something else to satisfy our lives in the next year. As we approach this New Year, we should let Revelation 7 capture our hearts so that it becomes the thing we long for and form our identity around. What would be different about your life this year if you let Revelation 7 reorient the way you viewed yourself, the church, and the world?


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